Winter sunset


Winter walk

I took myself off for a long walk this afternoon. After all the rain the UK, even in Herts, every step was accompanied by a squelching sound which reminded me of walking on Dartmoor – possibly my favourite place on the planet.

2016-01-10 15.59.00 b

Over to the west was the golden sun, setting behind some fast moving storms, which was starting to tinge the closer edge of the nearest storm to me with orange. This storm thankfully missed me – there was a lot of rain falling in visible virga and I spotted the occasional flash of lightning.

Herts is mostly rural (and urban plus golf courses) and there isn’t much dramatic weather as the landscape is so flat. I am feeling the need to move to somewhere nearer some hills, some rivers, somewhere with rocks sticking out of the ground, preferably granite … anywhere where is more drama to the landscape, and therefore some better weather…