Fusion outputs more energy than it consumes for the first time

nuclear fusion net gain

There were many reports of this, here’s the IFLS article which reports on the announcement in Nature.

“Using controlled nuclear fusion for a source of virtually unlimited power that is pollution-free has been a dream of physicists since Einstein’s day – but many had written the process off as science fiction. Though it is still a long way off, a new breakthrough has occurred where researchers actually saw a net gain in energy following a fusion reaction. The announcement comes from lead author Omar Hurricane from the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and was published in Nature. –

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I find this news really exciting – to me fusion could be the answer to our enormous energy needs as a completely ‘clean’ source of power – but I am aware that it could also kick off the third world war if it destroys the power of the oil-rich countries. To give us an almost unlimited supply of electricity would allow us to stop the burning of fossil fuels with all the benefits that would bring the planet.