Sundown, Pegsdon Hills


Sundown on the Pegsdon Hills this evening – lots of cloud action with a golden sunset, iridescence, and cirrus over a distant cumulonimbus.


Sunset 10 June 2015

I love these distant sunsets, where the action is taking place a long way off, I always feel like I want to just fly into it. If I won the lottery, I’d hire a plane and chase the sunset around the globe, camera in hand, and make a great time-lapse movie…
I stayed around while the sun went down. When I’d got home, the higher clouds turned a gorgeous bright pink against a vivid yellow but I couldn’t get to my hill again so no photos. I should know by now that 10-15 mins after sunset is often when the real action starts.

2015-06-10a 2015-06-10b